We are working with  Qvisten Apartments.
They have apartments for 3-8 guests, or camping/caravan space. For those camping showers, toilets and electricity are available. 

A hose for bike wash available.

Qvisten is located very sentral in Nesbyen, and have only a short ride to the trails on both sides of the valley. There are a tavern, grosery shop and gas station right by the apartments. Large parking in front of the gas station.

We normally meet up for shuttling from the parking. 

There are more nice places to choose from when you come to Nesbyen.
We would recomend  Hagaled GjestegĂ„rd  or Thoen Hotell (not to be mistaken for the Thon hotel chain).
Both are used to bikers, and have possibilities for bike wash and storage. 

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