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16 Sandevja
Nesbyen, Buskerud, 3540


All about mountainbiking and trail building in Hallingdal.


Highlights from Nesbyen Trail Camp 2019

Trailhead Nesbyen

Thank you to everyone who made the weekend awesome!

Nesbyen Trail Camp 2019 are over. About 470 riders, 10 bike companies, 10 busses and lots of meat on the grill all made the weekend super good.
The weather forecast was shit, but the real weather was good with just a tiny bit of rain. It ended with sun and happy people everywhere.

Quiz, film contest and a party with The Dogs concert made the days complete.

We have made a short highlight movie from the weekend.

Edited by Lars Storheim

Note the date for Nesbyen Trail Camp 2020, May 1st-3rd!

Suspension setup and tech-talk with Gavin from BC Verksted

Trailhead Nesbyen

Gavin V Steder takes you into the magical world of suspension.

This includes a very basic overview of suspension, such as proper pressure, rebound, etc. If you are wanting more depth or have more technical questions, then it It will also give the possibility for deep conversation about subjects like shim stacks and coil vs air.

Gavin is the head tech at BC Veksted / He has been in the industry for many years and has tech training from MRP in the USA. If your in need of some service on your suspension, it will be possible to deliver your fork / damper for overnight service at Nesbyen Trail Camp. Limited capacity and by appointment with Gavin.

Show up at BC Sport/Transition Bikes stand Friday 26th or Saturday 27th at 1300.

Foto: Facebook/Sykkel Martin.

Foto: Facebook/Sykkel Martin.

Nesbyen Trail Camp AND Huckfest!

Trailhead Nesbyen

Trail Camp + Huckfest?

You can now buy festival pass for both Nesbyen Trail camp and Huckfest in on discounted go!

You buy the festival passes in our webshop, or at Huckfest’s, and can participate at everything that is fun this summer! You get an extra discount when you buy. Other than that normal conditions apply.

Christmas sale for Nesbyen Trail Camp 2019 passes have started!

Trailhead Nesbyen

Missing a present for a rider you know?

You can now buy the festival pass for a mountian biker you know (or your self?) for a seriously good price!
For only 900kr you now get 3 full days of shuttle, The Dogs concert, Trail Challenge, video contest, Pump Track race, demo bikes and much more fun.
3 days of shuttling is normally 1170kr.

Christmas prices will last until 17:00 December 24th.

Separate prices for those not 17 years old during 2019.

Trail Camp Train!

Trailhead Nesbyen

Join worlds longest mountain bike train in Nesbyen!

Meet up at Utsikten at the top 11:30 Sunday 29. April and join the grup for a long, long mountain bike train.

Morzine Bike Train

Morzine Bike Train

We ride at a speed suitable for most so everyone can join. May we see a costume?
No contest! Just fun together with everyone!
Ride up or take the shuttle so you are ready at Utsikten at the top 11:30.

We will have a traffic manager where the trail crosses the road, but take it easy. You are responsible for your own safety!
Se a map at the bottom.

See an example of a train below.

Nesbyen Trail Camp Toget, the trail.

Nesbyen Trail Camp Toget, the trail.

Day pass for Nesbyen Trail Camp 2018

Trailhead Nesbyen

Nesbyen Trail Camp 2018 is closing.

The snow is melting and the birds are singing. Trail Camp is coming up!
We do have pre sale on festival passes for all 3 days at our webshop.
We will also sell day passes at the camp area.
A day pass includes shuttle pass, entrance to courses, Trail Challenge and Movie Contest and demo bikes.
A day pass cost 470,-kr for adults, and 250,-kr for those under 17 this year.

Foto: Brynjar Tvedt

Foto: Brynjar Tvedt

We have an office!

Trailhead Nesbyen

The last days we have been building a meeting point, haug out and office!
We will now be found on the flor above På Hjørnet pub and Gøtt beer micro brewery.
From now on this will be the meeting point for shuttle and guiding, and we will have an office here.
From time to time we will have informal social gatherings with or without something from the 1st flor.

We will have a small selection on the most necessary spare parts from Intersport Nesbyen and some cold drinks after a day on the bike.

Swing by if you want!

Trailhead Kontor
You'll find us here.

You'll find us here.


Opening a new trail!

Trailhead Nesbyen

Take a look at the video at the bottom.

Saturday all was ready for the grand openeing of the new trail we buildt betveen Bøgaset and Tverrlia.
The mayer came with his sissors and cut the lribbon to open the trail offisially.


The trail is build for both hikers and riders. It is suited for all ages, and is placed in the terrain so it's not too steep. It has a good line of sight, so users can see each other, and has some elemnts buidt in to keep the bike speed down.

Suited for the hole family.

Suited for the hole family.

You can find a map of the area and the trail here. 

A big thank you to Nesfjellet and Løypelaget for investing in trailbuiding!
We have already started building the next trail in the area.

What a weekend!

Trailhead Nesbyen

Nesbyen Trail camp 2017 is definitely over! 
Around 450 riders came to start the season with shuttle runs, guided rides, quiz, consert, party and movie contest.

The weekend started a bit chilly with snow at the top. Before noon the snow was gone, and by monday the dust where deep.

There where 3 very good contestants at the movie contest.
The crew from #hastagenduro pulled it with a tiny margin when it had to be decided by who could down a beer first.
See the 3 movies below.

Check out the pictures from Instagram

We have hired!

Trailhead Nesbyen

We have hired to give you better service!

Knut have worked for us since 1st of February, and will on a daily basis work with raising the service level and maintaining trails.

We have planed to hire one more later this spring so we'll be two.

This will prepare us to be able to give you better service, maintain more trails and build more new ones.

Norsk Sykling have written an intervju (in Norwegian) here.

Unusually good winter conditions

Trailhead Nesbyen

Sindre Rustan and Simen Smestad spends their winter vacation at Nesbyen doing downhill training. They there by use the unusually good winter conditions in their favor. "Worst winter I can recall" says the old and wise. We say the best winter.

Read a short article (Norwegain) and see some movie clips at Terrengsykkel.

If you and your mates want to spend a day or two shuttling at Nesbyen, we have available capasity now.