Opening a new trail!

Take a look at the video at the bottom.

Saturday all was ready for the grand openeing of the new trail we buildt betveen Bøgaset and Tverrlia.
The mayer came with his sissors and cut the lribbon to open the trail offisially.


The trail is build for both hikers and riders. It is suited for all ages, and is placed in the terrain so it's not too steep. It has a good line of sight, so users can see each other, and has some elemnts buidt in to keep the bike speed down.

 Suited for the hole family.

Suited for the hole family.

You can find a map of the area and the trail here. 

A big thank you to Nesfjellet and Løypelaget for investing in trailbuiding!
We have already started building the next trail in the area.

Trailhead Nesbyen

Trailhead Nesbyen AS, 16 Sandevja, Nesbyen, Buskerud, 3540